WAN-D (or WAN-Diversity) takes advantage of our SmartBridge technology to offer redundancy, backup, and disaster recovery solutions to our corporate customers that are easy and seamless to integrate into existing WANs.

For many customers, a broadband connection is not just used to reach the Internet, it forms an integral part of their Wide Area Network solution, whether it be a single site fibre connection or one part of a national, fully managed private network.

If your business:

  • needs redundancy for your mission-critical Internet connection; or
  • needs redundancy for your head office WAN connection; or
  • has a problem site in your WAN; or
  • any combination of the above

we can wave our magic WAN-D and you shall have the solution!




Single Site The WAN-D solution provides easily-integrated peace of mind for corporate customers who are using fibre or other in-ground broadband access methods. The unique capability of our SmartBridge allows the service to be used at all times and not just when a fibre outage occurs.


Head Office WAN Diversity The WAN-D solution provides the flexibility of a part or a complete diversity solution for a multi-site corporate WAN.
It’s not necessary to put diverse access links into each branch location when protecting the head office connectivity.

Once diverse access and a SmartBridge is in place at head office, customers can choose which branch offices also get diverse access or just a SmartBridge, which then utilises the existing branch access to communicate with head office via a secure ‘backdoor’ tunnel across the web and the Pacific Wireless network.


Problem WAN Site The WAN-D solution allows corporate customers running a multi-site WAN to provide a bandwidth boost to problem sites within their network.

The problem sites might be on ADSL2, low speed BDSL, Frame Relay or other cost-prohibitive legacy technology.

With a WAN-D solution in place, customers might even consider ‘downgrading’ expensive sites to an ADSL2 connection or even removing them from the WAN altogether; this largely retains any existing ‘whole-of-business’ primary deal, but can save money without impacting on performance.

Thanks to our SmartBridge technology, WAN-D sites also benefit from a diverse path to the Internet.

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