About Us

Pacific Wireless, a privately owned Australian company, is a Licensed Telecommunications Carrier that specialises in using fixed wireless broadband technologies to deliver Internet, Private Network and Disaster Recovery solutions to the medium and large enterprise market.

Melbourne based, but also providing national solutions, our niche nature means your call is answered by a human and you are seconds away from a knowledgeable product specialist or fully qualified, local support enginneer.

As technologies continue to evolve, some problems are solved, only for new ones to emerge. With the National Broadband Network on the horizon, we are preparing not only to add it into our solution set but also to use our unique strengths to integrate independent wireless services into a post-NBN Australia.

Today we specialise in providing symmetric, corporate-grade (uncontended) broadband solutions to businesses in areas of poor copper connectivity and limited fibre coverage.

Tomorrow we will provide seamlessly-integrated NBN and wireless solutions that give businesses high-availability, affordability and network-diversity.

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