An SME running ADSL(2+) who needs a bit more


ADSL and ADSL2+ are ‘nearly’ products for so many of today’s small or medium enterprises (SMEs).

Downloads are generally good, if sometimes erratic, but uploads speeds are just not up to today’s e-commerce requirements.

Download quotas can be generous and good enough for web browsing, general downloads and email, but the grade can often be too low to run a sensitive application such as internet banking without dropouts.

Sometimes the whole thing just grinds to a halt (even downloads) when someone sends a large email or file transfer to one of your important customers.

Just a ‘bit more’ upload would make ADSL2+ a really good value broadband product. And a bit more consistency of performance would make it excellent.

If this is how you feel about your ADSL2+ connection, there is an answer.

We know just how to give your ADSL2+ the boost it needs, whether it's by bonding multiple ADSL2 services or with our ADSL2 Power Up and ADSL2 Fusion products. Follow the links to find out more.




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