Caught out by a short-notice or unexpected requirement


Do any of these circumstances seem familiar?


Relocation Your company signed a new lease for a new site and every other aspect of the move can be done in time except broadband

Your company’s current site has benefitted from being close to the exchange, so the decision maker signed a new lease for a new site without giving consideration to whether the new site was close to the exchange or not

Greenfield siteYour company planned your new site a long time ago but someone forgot to plan for broadband and the lead time is now too long

Your company planned your new site a long time ago but your provider told you 10 days before moving that they couldn’t deliver at your new site

You've moved to the 'Cloud'

You've moved apps and data into to the Cloud to reduce costs and make collaboration, backups and mobile working a lot easier to manage.

However, the data you used to access on your office LAN is now a long way away and the slowness over your existing broadband connection is making the new system unworkable.

Change in Business Operations

Your company implemented a new ERP/CRM/Logistics/Accounting package which has added unexpected load on your broadband or WAN. It can’t be rolled back

Your company implemented a new offsite-backup regime which is causing slowdowns on your network

The MD got a new iPhone but he says mobile access to company systems is too slow and difficult to use and you need to fix it now!

At your speed limit You are at the limit of your current link and you need to go to a new connection method or technology to get what you need

Service Provider Bombshell Your service provider had told you it no longer supports the product it sold you some years ago and now you must sign a new (possibly more expensive) contract to continue

Your new service has been delayed but you have already made commitments to other deliverables based on the date you were given

By International Command All strategic decisions are now made by your international parent. They have signed up for a Global WAN with their local mega-carrier. However, that means your Australian connection has to go backwards!

We can help! Don’t feel embarrassed! These scenarios are very common! Fortunately, Pacific Wireless can help.

We can connect your premises to our network with our corporate-grade, symmetric, fixed wireless product, Wireless Connect sometimes within 2 days, typically within 10 days and guaranteed within 21 days.

We can easily integrate our connection into your existing setup thanks to our Smart-Net product range.

  We mean it - we really can help! Try us and you'll discover:

  • We are quick and nimble as a business. It won’t take long for you to find out if we are right for you
  • We can tell you whether we can help with 97% certainty over the phone and with 100% certainty following a short site inspection
  • The buck stops with us – no 3rd parties and no blaming others for delays
  • You can scale quickly with Pacific Wireless – start at 2M/2M and grow to 16M/16M at your own pace
  • We have innovative plans that give you a full-speed service now but automatically revert to low cost redundancy when your fibre service arrives in 3-6 months
  • We can give you upload performance in locations others can’t
  • We can even fix your MD’s mobile gripes!
  • We can custom build a solution for you if your needs do not perfectly match our ‘shelf’ products

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