Copper Connect


Copper Connect is a copper-based access service that connects your business premises to the Pacific Wireless network using the latest in broadband-over-telephone line technologies. The service can be configured as required to access any combination of the Internet, your private network, our data centre or our partner networks.

There are many technologies available for delivering copper-based broadband, so we’ve condensed those into our very own Copper Connect product so that you don’t have to understand how it’s done or what the differences are, but instead can focus on what it can offer your business.

Copper Connect is available in symmetric or asymmetric options, always corporate-grade, and backed by our industry-leading Service Level Guarantee.



  • Symmetric options are based on SHDSL, EFM, EoC and MBE technologies
  • Asymmetric options are based on ADSL and ADSL2+ technologies
  • Supplied in partnership with Australia’s leading copper-based telecommunications carriers
  • Corporate Grade – no contention on the Pacific Wireless network; can support VoIP and other quality-sensitive applications (symmetric recommended)
  • Multiple symmetric speed options – 2M/2M, 4M/4M, 6M/6M, 8M/8M, 10M/10M, 12M/12M, 14M/14M, 16M/16M
  • Near total national coverage provided your site is within 2-3kms of a metropolitan telephone exchange
  • Unique plan options for light, regular and heavy users
  • Many QoS features and parameters to suit your network




  • Extends our coverage to provide a comprehensive national solution for multi-state businesses
  • ADSL2+ Fusion configuration is a fantastic solution for SMEs
  • Redundancy and load balancing when part of a Wireless Fusion solution
  • Packet loss and latency sensitive applications. VoIP and Video; Citrix, RDP; terminal services (symmetric recommended)
  • For small branches and executive home offices (asymmetric recommended)
  • Access to the Internet, Private Networks, Partner Networks and Data Centres


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