Facing degrading broadband and/or ever increasing usage


Is your business suffering because it's facing any of the following scenarios, or similar?

  • My ADSL2+ used to be fine but it's become gradually worse, slower and more unreliable
  • My broadband keeps dropping out
  • I get ok/good speeds sometimes, but regularly it drops to a fraction of that
  • I complain to my ISP and am told it's distance from the exchange or bad copper and nothing can be done
  • Only a couple of years ago we were using 25GB per month but now its almost 250GB and I have no idea why
  • We're trying to use the cloud but Xero / Dropbox / other service is too slow to be usable


A network audit provides the answers When it comes to resolving broadband issues, knowledge is key, and we don't mean knowledge of products and service in the marketplace - we mean knowledge of your own business broadband performance, usage and needs.

Many businesses and even their IT guy or outsource IT company do not have the tools to adequately measure and analyse current performance and current usage over an extended period. Snapshots of usage or performance at a single moment in time have almost no value; only a systematic analysis can provide trends and patterns to ensure no issue is overlooked.

Some ISPs and carriers may have the capability but do not offer such services to customers on low-cost products such as ADSL. Some ISPs don't want to give you the answers, only upsell you to a more expensive solution.

Pacific Wireless offers a comprehensive 30-day network audit for only $99, and you don't have to be an existing customer.

See what you get for your money on our network audit product page. When you are ready, contact us to arrange your audit.

The fix can be easier and cheaper than you think, and sometimes costs nothingThere are many, many potential causes of your broadband issues, and every business is different. Rest assured that the audit will discover your particular circumstances, however, it is actually quite rare for the symptoms to be caused by problem copper, a favourite ISP excuse.

Sometimes network performance can be improved or problems completely solved for free. For example, a modem setting can be changed, or a software update applied to a server, or a manual process changed to limit the impact of a bandwidth- hungry application.

“2 days into the audit, PW suggested a change to a setting on my ADSL router which fixed it!”

 “Our ADSL2 kept dropping out. Our ISP continuously fobbed us off, blaming the copper and distance from the exchange. Every time we called our IT company to investigate it cost $125 and they could find nothing wrong. In the first 24 hours of the audit, PW said they thought they knew why and after a week of following their online graphs of our service, we could see it for ourselves.”

“Our IMAP mail server was continuously syncing with the cloud provider, downloading around 7GB per day. We had no idea it was happening but our integrator could fix it once PW told him what was going on over an extended period.”

“Our broadband has been problematic for years; we were about to sign a $1,500/month contract for unlimited fibre because we kept hearing that was our only choice. The PW audit demonstrated that this was over the top and that all we needed was a little bit more upload speed and better control of non-business downloads.”

“Only two years ago we used 15GB per month and now we use over 100GB, and we had no idea why. Our ADSL2 got slower and slower, but since the PW audit we know exactly why and what to do about it.”

“ADSL2 has been fine for us for most things; but we moved to a cloud-based accounting package that was unusable. The PW audit showed us exactly why and their fix worked a treat. Best $99 ever spent.”

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