Enhanced Remote Access


Has your business been searching for a remote access solution where there’s no need to change your existing network or buy more bandwidth? Where there's no capital cost or software licenses to buy? One which supports all the major clients including PC, Mac OS, iOS and Android? And one which doesn't require opening up insecure holes in your firewall?


ERA gives IT managers a fully function solution which:


  • provides a 'backdoor' into your network without impacting your primary gateway or firewall
  • can be added to any existing network from ADSL2+ to international, multi-site corporate WANs
  • includes symmetric corporate-grade bandwidth for serving up data to remote users
  • includes dedicated remote-access server installed on your premises and managed by us
  • is encrypted by IPSec
  • is authenticated using username/password and 20 character security key
  • places your remote users 'in the office' as virtual LAN machines
  • runs standard L2TP/IPSec client software, included for free in all leading devices including Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android
  • allows users to run any native app (eg Outlook, Web Browser, FTP, SSH, map network drives) without using terminal emulation or RDP
  • comes with a simple per-user per-month charging regime


Remote users can get access to:


  • LAN computers and servers
  • mapped drives
  • DMZ servers
  • private cloud resources
  • public cloud resources
  • corporate WANs
  • in fact, anything you can normally reach from your head office LAN
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