In an area of limited copper connectivity


You are not alone if you find your business is too far from the exchange to get good copper-based broadband – there are more areas like this than you think.

Because the signal from the exchange degrades the further it has to travel, you need to be around 2 to 2.5 kilometres or less from the exchange to get the most from your telephone lines.

Exchange zones in the outer suburbs are large. It’s not uncommon for businesses to be 4 or 5 kilometres from their exchange, even though they are classified as greater metropolitan! Sub-exchanges are rarely built and if they are, they are not normally capable of running anything other than ADSL1.

The following graphic illustrates just how much of Melbourne can't get the best from their copper broadband.




The next ground-based solution available to you is a fibre optic connection, but the setup fees can be very expensive and the minimum fees are not usually cost effective if your speed requirement is anywhere below 10M/10M.


Fixed wireless fills the gaps Performance of fixed wireless is better than ADSL, but the cost is usually significantly lower than fibre.

But the key advantage of our Wireless Connect product is that we can deliver services in areas that others simply can’t.
If you have tried to find a cost effective solution to your broadband problem, look no further than Wireless Connect.


Want fibre? Wireless can bridge the gap until NBN is here Many businesses see a fibre connection as the ultimate choice or the ‘final answer’. No doubt, it is a great way to connect up your site. But today’s outer-suburban fibre connections can be very expensive.

If you need to fix your broadband problem now, why make the big-dollar commitment to fibre when the NBN is on the way?

A more cost effective proposition is to take a fixed wireless service that can meet your needs today and for the next few years whilst the NBN rolls out fibre to your business. Our transition plans provide cost-effective, pre-NBN solutions for customers looking to get onto a fibre-like service ASAP. Click here for more information.

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