The National Broadband Network


Game ChangerThe National Broadband Network is the single biggest game-changer to hit the Australian telecommunications industry since deregulation.

The NBN’s aim is to connect 93% of the Australian population to a new open-access network using fibre optic cables, and to fill in the gaps using fixed wireless broadband and satellite services.

Whilst much of the media focus has been on the types of residential grade services that will be available, the NBN will also facilitate improved business and corporate grade services for many Australian enterprises.


UncertaintyAs the NBN nears completion, the future for many existing networks becomes unclear. Many of today’s carriers, especially those currently delivering copper-based solutions, will become purely NBN retailers. Most have already slowed or stopped R&D and network growth in order to prepare for the NBN. Any network black spots that exist today are unlikely to be fixed before the NBN is completed.


Post-NBNWe see a place for truly independent carriers in a post NBN-world that can deliver network diversity from the NBN. Those networks will give customers not only a commercial choice but a technology choice.

Today, Pacific Wireless gives customers a diverse network choice from existing copper and fibre networks. We are already providing solutions to customers that use both copper and wireless in tandem to provide more bandwidth and more reliability.

We're also offering customers a clear and easy 3-step plan to transition from their current technology onto the NBN.

Not too far away, customers will be able to choose an NBN solution retailed through Pacific Wireless that automatically comes with fixed wireless redundancy.

If you could take a corporate grade ‘Wireless Fusion’ service consisting of an NBN connection and a Pacific Wireless connection, all for the same price as you pay today, what would you say?

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