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Problems with broadband can be difficult to diagnose as they are usually intermittent and can be caused by any number of factors, including failures within the ISP network and also a customer’s own network setup and usage profile.

Often by the time you can raise a fault with your ISP, or your IT guy can get on site to investigate, the issue has gone and only a guess can be made as to the cause. Sometimes when you want answers, it only feels like you are getting fob-offs.

Pacific Wireless offers a comprehensive, 30-day network audit performed by our team of highly trained and experienced engineers which will provide you with all of the information you need in the form of an easy-to-read written report. The cost is only $99 but making an informed choice about how to resolve your issues can save you thousands.

The audit takes place continuously over the month so that whenever and however a problem occurs, it won’t be missed.

We focus on two key areas:

1. Performance Testing
2. Usage analysis

The audit studies both areas because, in today’s world of exponential usage growth, the two are often intertwined.

To learn more about the sorts of circumstances where an audit can help, visit our Facing degrading broadband and/or ever increasing usage solutions page, or read on for more about how the audit works.

To arrange your audit, visit our contact us page.


Performance Testing

We continuously measure packet loss and latency across your connection. Both are very reliable measures of quality, reliability and usability of the link; if either measures are too high, it will affect ‘usability’, ie users will complain of dropouts and slowness.

We will trace the cause of any packet loss or latency and include this in the audit report.

We will also perform an ongoing series of speed tests throughout the audit, particularly if there is any indication of varying speeds.

Unlike using sites such as, our speed tests measure all traffic on your internal network, not just the traffic going to and from the computer running the speed test.

We can also capture the time and date of ADSL modem reboots, resets or resyncs, the line sync speed (up/down) and how often it changes.


    Usage Analysis

    audit graphs
    We ask you to tell us a little about what you use your connection for within your business and what is important to you.

    We will target this traffic in the audit and present to you how much of your total is taken up by these important business applications. By definition, everything else is less important, and most businesses are surprised just how much of their total usage that actually is.

    Usage Analysis also shows us how well your connection is performing in terms of how fast it is able to reliably move data to and from the web.


    Audit FAQ

    1. How do you do it?

We come to you* and install our auditing device in your network without any impact on its operation. Our device collects metadata and exports it every 30 seconds to our database from which our team of experienced engineers can analyse the results and present them to you in an easy-to-understand format.
*subject to location. Some regions require that we mail you the auditing device for self-installation. It’s nonetheless a straightforward setup for anyone familiar with patching CAT5 cables, and we will talk you though the process on the phone.

2. Can I see progress as the audit is ongoing?

Much of the data is automatically consolidated into graphs that are updated in near real-time. Ask for a login id and password to our online portal to watch live progress of your audit.

3.  Is my data safe?

Firstly, we do not access or export your actual data, only metadata and other performance measures. Pacific Wireless is a licensed telecommunications carrier and is obligated by comprehensive industry legislation and codes of practice, including The Telecommunications Act. We have to meet strict requirements for privacy and storage of metadata which may not apply to unlicensed IT services companies and even some ISPs who often rely on the actual underlying carrier to meet those obligations.

4. Why can’t I just ask my ISP / integrator / IT provider / support guy?

Your current ISP or IT guy will no doubt troubleshoot any issues you report, but they can only usually report on what is happening at the time they investigate. It’s very difficult to identify trends or patterns without some form of ongoing testing, monitoring or data collection. A typical audit by Pacific Wireless generates over 10 million data samples in our database, which means nothing is missed but also means that a great deal of computing power, experience and knowledge is required to analyse the results.

5. How quickly do you install and will it affect my network?

Usually the auditor is installed within 2-3 business days. It operates almost transparently within your network and the only noticeable effect is a brief (few seconds) outage at installation and again at removal.

6. How can I verify what the audit report says?

We’re happy to provide you with the raw data collected by the audit, but the simplest way to verify the accuracy is to look at real time audit graphs online and compare them will real time events you see in your network.

7. Why are you breaking down my usage when the problem is terrible ADSL?

A lot of ADSL issues are not actually caused by poor copper. Unfortunately it’s very easy for the ISP to spend two minutes blaming old Telstra copper lines rather than pay experienced engineers or implement complex analysis systems to properly troubleshoot customer problems.  At the end of the day, any broadband service will perform poorly if it’s over utilised, so the audit will match utilisation against performance and see if any correlation exists.

8. Will this tell me why, for instance, Dropbox is so slow to sync?Dropbox graph

Yes, in most cases! We can identify specific applications such as Dropbox and show you performance graphs of how well it’s working.

9. What sort of usage breakdown will I get?

We’ll discuss with you what business applications you run so that we can look out for them, plus we’ll do our own scans of traffic based on our own experience, looking for common patterns. If necessary we can break usage down by source and destination IP address, IP port and even down to the level of computer within your LAN.

10. What obligation is there after the audit?

You are not obligated to take up any service from Pacific Wireless after the audit, but we do ask that you return our auditing device.

11. Does the audit only work with ADSL connections?

No! It will work on just about any broadband connection including 3G/4G, fibre, corporate VPNs and WANs, MPLS networks and even private point-to-point services.


To arrange your audit, visit our contact us page.

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