Our Monitoring


Like many service providers and carriers, we monitor our core network, network systems and customer services 24x7x365 so that we can not only fix problems after the event but also analyse trends and early warning signs to prevent problems before they get the chance to occur.

As well as some specific and technical systems we use to track the health of wireless connections and other network resources, we also use our very own C.O.N.S.O.L.E system which is transparently made available to customers to enable their own service and utilisation monitoring.

C.O.N.S.O.L.E. stands for Customer Operated Network Statistics and Online Link Enquiry and is a web-based system that provides customers with access to statistics, network utilisation graphs, reports and various types of documentation.

Features of C.O.N.S.O.L.E. include:

5 Current and up to 12 months of historical statistics
5 Choice of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly graphing
5 Internet data usage totals (download/upload) for any 3 minute, daily, weekly, monthly or year period
5 Internet data usage totals and graphs broken down by IP address, Port and Protocol
5 Detailed analysis of circuit (link) bandwidth utilisation
5 Detailed analysis of multiple circuits aggregated as one logical link
5 Calculation of 95th Percentile link utilisation statistics
5 Viewing of graphs for multiple links or subnets side by side
5 Single customer / multiple services organised by subnet / link
5 Daily CSV-format files for Internet and Circuit utilisation that can be collected by automated systems
5 Circuits and subnets organised by customer for wholesale partners
5 Individual customer and wholesale partner passwords
5 Customer managed passwords
5 Categorised document downloads specific to wholesale partners and customers


C.ON.S.O.L.E. is accessed by choosing the customer login link on this website.

Example: 95th Percentile Results Screen

Example: Subnet Analysis Selection Screen

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