Our Network

    Our network philosophy is defined by a set of straightforward rules:

  • Design it yourself so you have a deep understanding of how it works
  • Build it and maintain it yourself to ensure good workmanship
  • Fix it yourself to deliver quick response times
  • Own it yourself to guarantee flexibility and ongoing supply on your terms
  • Consider every worst-case scenario and add a fail-safe to match
  • Prioritise service delivery over commercial gain
  • Plan for growth in capacity to ensure it always exceeds demand
  • Only build coverage where the long term business case holds up

As a result of implementing this philosophy

  • Our services work exactly as described
  • We can guarantee the performance of our services and can include significant financial compensation in our SLG without going broke
  • We respond to service faults quickly using our own experienced, qualified engineers
  • There is no ‘buck passing’ as the network is entirely our own
  • We can readily integrate the best technologies to give our customers innovative and improved services
  • We can pass every packet between any two points on our wireless network without passing through any third party equipment or infrastructure, making it one of the few truly Tier-1 networks in Australia
  • Our network has longevity beyond many others
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