Private Networks


Most Australian carriers and service providers can offer their business customers private network options and Pacific Wireless is no exception. What is common among all private network solutions is that they give you, the customer, your own virtual network within the service provider’s greater network that is secure from all other virtual networks, including the network they use to connect to the Internet.

Many of the terminologies and abbreviations used to describe these private networks (such as WAN, MPLS, VPLS, VPN, IPVPN, VLAN, PVC, as well as carrier-specific product names) describe essentially the same thing, albeit occasionally with subtle differences. They are all private IP (Internet Protocol) based networks and terms such as MPLS and VPLS usually describe more how the carrier does it more than the features they can give you, the customer.

At Pacific Wireless, our experience tells us that our customers want one of two different types of private networks, those being a Layer-2 broadcast domain or a Layer-3 routed network. The choice is made based on preference, applications and what has to be done to integrate the network, rather than whether the provider uses MPLS or PVCs to deliver it.


Managed VLAN Managed VLAN the name we give to our Layer-2 private network product. It’s a secure broadcast domain for your own private use, and any site connected to the Managed VLAN joins that domain.

In other words:

  • Different sites can communicate using the same IP subnet
  • You can extend your head office LAN to remote sites without using routers
  • You can still use your own routers if you choose, and make changes to your IP schemes without having to ask us to change any of our configurations
  • It’s more than just point-to-point, you can have as many sites as you need to connected to the VLAN
  • Customers can choose to have many Managed VLANs at each site, which is a popular way to separate different applications including VoIP and Video Conferencing. Each VLAN is presented with its own VLAN Id on the same 802.1q port at your premises
  • Customers can also enable Q-in-Q on their Managed VLAN and pass their own 802.1q VLAN Ids across the Pacific Wireless network


Managed VPN Managed VPN is the name we give to our Layer-3 private network product. With this option, we setup a VPN Server within our network for your own exclusive use. This server then routes packets between your VPN sites based on destination IP address. For most customers who choose this option, it is preferred over a Layer-2 solution because it enables sites on different private IP subnets to communicate without having to invest in on-site WAN routers.

Features Common to Both Options QoS
User-definable QoS profiles
Three distinct traffic classes for each VPN or VLAN
Bandwidth Guarantees and/or prioritisation

More than one VLAN per site if required
Internet, VPN and VLAN all on the same connection

National Coverage
Available on connectivity options, including Wireless Connect and Copper Connect

Integrated Data Centre Options
Niche-DC can be integrated into your private network solution

Also available with all Smart-Net options
The easy way to integrate!

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