Ready and waiting for the NBN


It's 3 Steps to the NBN with Pacific Wireless!

The National Broadband Network is the single biggest game-changer to hit the Australian telecommunications industry since deregulation.

An unfortunate side effect of the NBN is to slow or stop R&D and growth in many networks using existing technologies. Today’s broadband black spots are unlikely to be fixed before the NBN rollout is completed.

Like many of today’s carriers, Pacific Wireless will ultimately become a retailer of NBN-based connectivity. We'll provide business and coporate-grade services using the NBN as soon as NBNCo make those services available. We'll also have the added advantage of being able to connect our customers with an NBN service and a Fixed Wireless service working in tandem, for built-in redundancy and high performance.

In the interim, Pacific Wireless is offering a '3 Steps to the NBN' programme, with special pricing for its Power Up and NBN Transition Plans to make it easier for you to resolve your broadband problems now, without waiting.

NBN Transition Plans come with a specific guarantee that will allow you to migrate to an NBN connection once it becomes available. When that time comes, we will provide a proposal for an NBN connection, and if another retailer can beat it, you can elect to break your Pacific Wireless contracts and take up the competing retailer’s offer.

All NBN Transition Plans come with $0 setup fees, sensational monthly fees and of course our legendary Service Level Guarantee.

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