Running a national or international WAN with one or more problem sites


Medium and large enterprises with many locations within Australia (and sometimes around the world) often find that running a single network with a single provider gives them the most convenient solution, even if it occasionally comes with some limitations.

Not every provider can technically, or commercially, supply every solution that exists in the marketplace. A fibre provider, for instance, may be well suited to providing CBD or inner suburban services, but have limited high-speed coverage in outer metro areas. A provider that specialises in selling large numbers of copper connections may not have the buying power to provide the occasional wireless service at a competitive price point.

The ultimate network would involve taking the best technology for each site’s unique circumstances and budget in order to create a single solution. 

In reality, this is nearly impossible to achieve. The decision on who to choose to provide the network usually involves balancing advantages against disadvantages. Often, the weight of need for head office out-ranks that of remote sites that can sometimes end up with compromised performance.

Over the years, we’ve encountered countless frustrated IT managers who are faced with a remote site with inadequate performance that their provider of choice cannot fix cost-effectively. Issues with the complexity and management overhead of running two networks make it too hard to find a solution.

This has frustrated us too! So we’ve put together an easy-to-integrate product called WAN-D that fixes the problem site without any management headache or disruption to the primary network. It works with all types of IP WAN networks, including MPLS, VPLS, and IPVPNs. WAN-D is part of our Smart-Net suite of products. Follow the links to find out more.

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