Wireless Connect


Wireless Connect represents our flagship product, providing corporate-grade, symmetric, fixed wireless broadband access via the Pacific Wireless network.

Wireless Connect is backed by our industry-leading Service Level Guarantee.


  • Symmetric – maximum upload speed is the same as maximum download speed
  • Corporate Grade – no contention on the Pacific Wireless network; can support VoIP and other quality-sensitive applications
  • Multiple speed options – 2M/2M, 4M/4M, 6M/6M, 8M/8M, 10M/10M, 12M/12M, 14M/14M, 16M/16M
  • Good value - although dearer than ADSL(2+), pricing is comparable to copper-based corporate grade symmetrical services and almost always less than a new fibre installation
  • Short and reliable lead times – guaranteed 21 days, typical 5-10 days
  • A fibre-like usage experience
  • Coverage is not limited by distance from the exchange issues
  • Unique plan options for light, regular and heavy users
  • Unique plan options for redundancy, backup and data replication
  • Many QoS features and parameters to suit your network
  • Independent from Telstra, NBNCo or any other 3rd party carrier
  • 100% of contracted speed at the ethernet port
  • Fully secure and encrypted transmissions
  • Delivered by an experienced team

    Decision makers need to take into account requirements and budget, and most usually strike a balance between the two. A good quality fixed wireless connection is likely dearer than ADSL but comparable to or cheaper than other corporate grade symmetrical services, with the big advantage of being available in more places, including DSL blackspots.

  • Interim NBN option – don't pay today's prices for a fibre installation when the NBN will deliver it with a heavy government subsidy
  • Moving from ADSL(2+) with less than 1Mbs upload, you can start low and still have plenty of room to grow until the NBN arrives
  • Suited to 'upload' or 'serving' applications where data needs to be sent (uploaded) as much as or more than it needs to be retrieved (downloaded) eg hosting, remote access, corporate HO, corporate site-to-site, cloud computing
  • Suited to niche, gap filling and redundancy applications
  • Packet loss and latency sensitive applications. VoIP and Video; Citrix, RDP; terminal services
  • Access to the Internet, Private Networks, Partner Networks and Data Centres


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