Wireless Fusion


Wireless Fusion takes the best of fixed wireless broadband and the best of copper-based broadband and fuses them together to create a feature-rich package that enhances total performance and provides for built in redundancy.
Wireless Fusion is symmetric and corporate grade for the discerning buyer.

Check out our Technologies and Networks section for more details on wireless, copper, symmetric vs asymmetric and broadband grades.


Why both?

  • You want redundancy but you don’t want to pay for two services
  • You like the idea of having diverse technologies in case of issues with one
  • You can’t get the speeds you need with purely copper alone


What does Fusion really mean? Wireless Fusion uses the load balancing capability of our SmartBridges to share your traffic between the fixed wireless link and the copper link. Both links are symmetric, giving an overall maximum symmetric performance equivalent to the sum of the wireless and the copper speeds.

If either link fails, the remaining link automatically carries all of the traffic.

The operation is completely transparent to the user.


How much more does it cost? Nothing! For example, a 12M/12M Wireless Fusion service consisting of a 6M/6M Wireless Connect and a 6M/6M Copper Connect attracts the same monthly fee as a ‘straight’ 12M/12M Wireless Connect service.

So you effectively get 12M/12M for the regular price, with a free 6M/6M automatic backup/secondary service.


The NBN Like many of today’s carriers, Pacific Wireless will ultimately become a retailer of NBN-based connectivity. It will be our aim wherever possible to connect our customers with an NBN service and a Fixed Wireless service working in tandem, for built-in redundancy and high performance. It will simply be Wireless Fusion with NBN instead of copper.

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